29 Years of fun, fears and finance

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, July 3, 2002, 1:24 AM | comments: 0

Another birthday today. I was born July 2, 1973. That makes me 29 today.

Naturally anything that indicates a serious passage of time makes you think and reflect. I think it's human nature to first consider the negatives. My list is relatively short, but it still brings me down. Most of it has to do with not being my own employer yet, not making $100k a year yet, not feeling as ambitious and driven as I used to be, etc.

So the irony is that I make more money every year on my own, I make way more than the average household income in my area and I'm confident in my abilities. Then add that I have a great new house, two cats, the best wife a man could possibly have (damn right you should be jealous), functional cars, etc. Life really kicks ass when you stop and look at it.

I know that it's my job that leaves me feeling empty, but I'll have to find ways to get over it.

It's time to make leaps again this year. Let's see what happens...


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