30 years of Blue Man Group

posted by Jeff | Friday, November 19, 2021, 9:14 AM | comments: 0

I can't believe it has been 30 years since the founding of Blue Man Group. My fandom really began when The Complex was released, which also led me to love Tracy Bonham and Venus Hum. When the DVD came out from that tour, I was hooked.

The first performance I got to see was the Vegas show in The Venetian, and then three arena shows in 2006/2007. I saw the second public show in Orlando when it opened (all of the above with Catherine I think). Then Diana and I saw the arena show late in 2007, and in Chicago in 2012. I lost track of how many times we saw the Orlando show, and it hurts that it's gone. I introduced Simon to How To Be A Megastar, and he still listens to it all of the time.

It's hard to describe the appeal to someone who has never seen a show. It's weird, genius, different every time but consistent. We saw one of the last shows at Universal before Covid, and I feel like I took for granted that we would be back later in the year. I hope that Cirque du Soleil, the owners, are ambitious enough to mount another tour at some point, and I wouldn't mind a new permanent show here.

Thanks for all the memories, Blue Man Group!


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