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Beyond my lengthy description of my trip down amnesia lane, I had a nice 36th birthday. My temptation was to talk Diana into doing the Dave & Busters blow out like last year, but I wasn't really in the mood for a bunch of drinking and Deal or No Deal. Not saying we won't still do it at some point in the next week though.

After a brief nap and some Wimbledon on TV, we headed back out to Solon, to meet some ICOM people at the alley. One of my former co-workers was leaving the company (voluntarily) and they were doing a send off for her. We weren't there for very long, but it was fun to see people. There were a few who weren't there, but still, good times.

Since we were out east, we headed up to eat at Stir Crazy. Love that place. I'm still reminded of the bad dates I had there, but I dig the food, brown rice, and this time I got to go with my wife. Had the Sam Adams Summer Ale, which was really quite good. Much lighter than their Boston Lager. Saw it in the grocery store today, but ouch, $8.50 for six.

Wandered over to the Apple Store, and I guess I knew in the back of my mind that I'd probably end up buying an iPhone 3GS eventually. The two year launch anniversary had passed, and it was clear that AT&T's exclusivity was for real (still no definitive statement that I ever saw). After seeing Tyler's and Jeff's, it absolutely seemed like a worthy upgrade. I watched that fucking blue dot on the map the entire way home! I'll post thoughts about it at some point, but I'll say right off the bat that it's pretty awesome to have all of my music on it, nearly 5,000 songs!

It's pretty cool how you get more birthday love via Facebook wall posts than you ever would via birthday cards. I'm not one who has high expectations from others regarding my birthday. I rarely send greeting cards or go ape shit with gifts myself, so it'd be odd to expect it from others. But I had a nice day with Diana, and that was enough of a gift for me.


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