A better day, some time away

posted by Jeff | Friday, September 30, 2005, 2:08 AM | comments: 0

Our match today went pretty well, despite a loss. It went five games and we lost the tie-breaker 13-15, but what a difference in attitudes. The kids really embraced the pressure of the situation, and except for a lull toward the middle of the match, they really stayed positive. I was proud of them. Even my "pouty" kids smiled in the end. Well done.

That said, I have a break from it all this weekend. Long before I officially agreed to coach, I had arranged the CoasterBuzz Club event at Holiday World, so that's where I'll be. We're even planning to record the podcast there. I feel bad about missing a couple of matches on Saturday, but I know Liz will do fine in my place.

Hopefully I'll return emotionally recharged to get us through the last few weeks of the season. Just in time for the J.O. season to start! (Which is far less stressful, actually.)


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