A burst of forum productivity

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, April 22, 2008, 9:29 PM | comments: 0

Man, I don't know what has gotten into me. I just started blasting through my list of things to fix/add for the forum app. I got HTML e-mail set up in almost no time, in part because I wrote the e-mail stuff right the first time. I got the last pieces of the refactoring in for the rich text stuff so that it properly uses the AJAX framework. Now I'm starting to refactor the private messaging stuff, because it sucks. Surprisingly, I think I can even do it without data changes. It just depends on how long I can keep my head down and go at it.

I think a lot of this comes out of the fact that I feel confident that I do in fact no what I'm doing. Sometimes I forget that I wrote a book and know this stuff pretty well. I've been working on a project at work that shows I can be a ninja in certain areas as well. And then there's the fact that, yes, I'm starting to regain a certain desire for my sites again, and it's time to get my shit together and update them. Not to mention there's a third site that frankly we should already be moving on.

Cool evenings with the windows open don't hurt either.


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