A cell phone happy ending

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, July 6, 2005, 2:59 AM | comments: 1

I got a call today from Sprint PCS. After f'ing around with a bunch of idiots on the phone that had no clue, we finally got more than $200 in charges killed.

About two months ago, Stephanie called and asked them to add on the unlimited text messaging to her line. Problem is, with her phone she could only do it via "wireless web" and not standard SMS text messaging because her phone was old. So they signed her up for the wrong thing, and we got billed out the ass.

After idiots couldn't help, I finally wrote a postal letter, and told them I'd call the state attorney general for fraudulent charges. The woman I talked to basically erased all final charges and said they were tracking down the people responsible, since some apparently went as far as trying to cover up the contact with us.

We're both on Verizon now, and so far so good. We like our phones (Samsung a670). The ironic thing is that we just ditched Verizon for our land line in favor of Vonage. I guess that makes Sprint the biggest losers.


Stephanie, July 6, 2005, 3:41 PM #

Those Sprint bastards! Why do our cell phone services inevitably screw us in the end? This is the second company...

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