A decade without beef

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, March 10, 2015, 9:57 PM | comments: 0

At some point late in 2004 or so, I stopped eating beef. It wasn't an intentional decision, really, but I had a more general feeling that I was eating way too much of it. I didn't feel healthy. By the time spring came in 2005 and I hit the life crisis what was my separation, I started to pay a little more attention to how much exercise I was getting and how much I weighed (which was about 25-ish pounds more than I do now). I decided at that point to stick to not eating beef. My cholesterol was ridiculous.

A decade later, and I still don't eat it. I don't miss it. It might be psychologically silly, but I associate it with being overweight and feeling like crap. Back in the day, I had way too many burgers (mostly fast food). Logically, the action to take would have been to just eat less, but I started to experiment with veggie burgers and many different ways to prepare chicken. Given the stressful time, I think I was grasping to take control of something, and these diet changes were symbolic of that.

I guess there aren't many commitments in my life that have been long term, so chalk this one up as something I'll continue to stick to. Marriage v2, going on six years. Beef-free, ten years. CoasterBuzz, 15 years.


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