A front row seat to a child's developing world

posted by Jeff | Monday, November 12, 2012, 12:07 AM | comments: 0

This was one of those weekends where everything seemed to be right. After a week of professional frustration, I had a few days of personal joy, doing nothing particularly spectacular.

Friday, we took Simon out with us for lunch and some brief shopping. Saturday morning, we took him bowling. Sunday, I got up in the morning with him, and had the clever idea that we should get out of the house for a little picnic and walking out in the park. It was the evening that really sealed the weekend as awesome.

After Simon had a very solid dinner, we went down to the playroom/place-my-desk-is, and I cranked out a few bills while Simon independently started to play. He has been really into cars lately, or anything with wheels. Before we knew it, an hour had passed, and our little boy was fully engaged in imaginary driving. Every once in awhile, he had to indicate, "Green light," so his car could proceed to its destination.

Yes, this is adorable to observe, but it's part of a bigger pattern of watching him discover his world. The most mundane things to us are the most amazing aspects of his developing world. It's completely fascinating to see Simon's imagination develop along side of his personality, speech and motor skills. It's the imagination in particular that's so cool. It reminds you of how little we use it as we get older, and hopefully inspires us to use it more.


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