A home cooked meal

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, December 12, 2007, 10:56 PM | comments: 0

Diana cooked dinner tonight, and it's the first time I've had actual home cooked food (read: not frozen Schwan's crap or take-out) in quite some time. She grilled chicken (from Stubb's Chicken Marinade, the best pre-made marinade ever), made some herb and butter red potatoes and broccoli. Hardly exotic, if par for my bland tastes, but super yummy. And even better, I got to nap while she was cooking and cuddle after.

We eat out a lot, and that's partly because of our lifestyle and stuff we do. That's probably not the most economic way to eat, but I suppose since we both do OK, it's OK. Of course, even with my somewhat limited tastes, I end up buying "better" stuff even for groceries, like good pasta, vegan butter-like spread, exotic hot sauces, organic mac-n-cheese, high fiber wheat breads, etc., even though it's more expensive.

But the thing is, Diana loves to cook, and I'm interested in cooking. Maybe more interested in baking, actually, but cooking as well. I think the reason we don't do it more is because we find ourselves being fried after a week of work and not that motivated. Plus the current transient nature of relationship, one always staying with the other, it adds to the desire for convenience. I suspect that will change once we share the same kitchen.

I'm just not creative enough. Sure, I can make pasta and heat up sauce from a jar, or make my goofy burritos, but these are hardly culinary masterpieces. Shit, I bought an Italian cookbook shortly after we started dating and I've never made anything in it. I feel so lame.

The other thing that complicates stuff is that I'm trying, and often failing, to not eat like an asshole. I'm still five pounds up from my 2005 weight, and I wanted to be going the other way by now. But I still find myself eating fried food at least twice a week, and nutritionally worthless white rice and potatoes more than I'd like. At least when it comes to breads, everything is high fiber.

Fortunately, while we may eat together when we co-habitate, Diana is very cool with not eating the same thing. She loves various beef products, and I'm certainly not going to get in the way of that. Red meat will eventually touch my grill I'm sure, even though I haven't had it in almost three years.

Food is such a challenge for me, and for some reason I still have some mental roadblock that prevents me from dealing with it in a way that is healthy and enjoyable.


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