A little mess is good

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 11:50 PM | comments: 0

I like that Diana and I are, generally speaking, reasonably neat people. Maybe the right words are that we're not clutter people. I've had friends at various points where I would visit them and find that they had piles of stuff everywhere, and that kind of chaos messes with me. I'm not judging them, but I have some sense of order that I need. It's not really even that extreme.

Today I noticed that we have what I would describe as "a little mess." I also think that it's indicative of something good happening. In my office, I have gear and gadgets lying around, and even a tripod in the dining room. Diana's secondary sewing machine has made it to the dining room table, and I see little balls of thread here and there. Simon has fragments of Lego in various places. Charging cables are not put away. This state is the result of the fact that we're doing stuff. We're making things. We don't live in a museum. A little bit of a mess is a house being lived in.

This is what I love about my little family. Yeah, a basket of laundry may sit unfolded for a day or two, there's definitely dust gathering under the coffee table, and sometimes, the next meal is under way before the dishwasher gets empty. We can all roll with that. We're not slobs, and we've been known to spontaneously break out the vacuum when cat litter has managed to track about, but the chores are rarely urgent. Work, parenting and the world happens, and as long as everyone eats and remains (relatively) clean, we don't stress about what has to be done next.


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