A little sun goes a long way

posted by Jeff | Friday, January 21, 2005, 11:11 AM | comments: 0

Disregarding for the moment the impending doom the weather people are predicting for tomorrow, the sun is shining. I'm down in the red room on the lap top where the six foot windows are making everything warm and summer-like (if you aren't looking out at the snow, anyway).

It sure feels nice. You need that now and then in the winter to fend off the SAD. This morning I posted news on CoasterBuzz, took a relatively quick shower and banged out more book proofing. It's probably the only productive couple of hours I've had this week. Seriously, I look back and it all seems like a big waste of time. Not accomplishing something on a regular interval causes me anxiety.

Unfortunately, the sun doesn't appear to be making Luna feel better. Poor thing has been barfing all week. I think it's separation anxiety from Stephanie being at school. But what's weird about it is that she's fine the rest of the time. Usually when she gets into a prolonged "episode" she doesn't do anything for the duration. She's in her "sick pose" right now, only slightly distracted by the birds outside.


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