A perfect theme park day

posted by Jeff | Monday, February 28, 2022, 4:12 PM | comments: 0

My dear friend Catherine proposed that we combine our families for a VIP tour at Walt Disney World many months ago, and of course I said we were game. We last vacationed together on a cruise many years ago, prior to the birth of her youngest, and had a great time. And of course, with the pandemic, we're anxious to reconnect with people.

It was very much a perfect day, with 17 attractions in 7 hours. It was worth every penny. It was fun to compare parenting notes and similar challenges, catch up on careers, and indulge in pure escapism for a day. It felt like seeing the park for the first time despite living next to it for years, because the context was so different.

This day could not have come at a more perfect time. I'm grateful for the relationships that have come along over the years, and even more thankful for the opportunities to pick them up where we left off.


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