A struggling team

posted by Jeff | Monday, February 27, 2006, 10:45 AM | comments: 0

Wow, things sure are different this year in volleyball. My kids didn't win a single game, let alone match, at our tournament yesterday. That's new territory for me. Last year, my kids made gold every tournament. In fact, I haven't had a losing record since my first two seasons doing freshman (out of nine seasons total). So far they're 1-7.

Despite this, I find myself still being relatively optimistic. I mean, when they're up, there are real flashes of brilliance. But when they're not, it's like watching a bunch of people that just don't care very much. Granted, I'll flat out admit that at least half of the teams in this tournament were better than us (not to mention more six-footers than I've seen in awhile), but that's not an excuse. I don't mind losing at all when you at least put up a good fight and play well. I've played national champions where we at least made a run.

So the plan in practice is to really focus on fundamentals and get them solid. Some of them are suffering from a lack of experience too, which is partly rooted in going to high schools with shitty or stand-in coaches. There's no doubt that they'll all be better as individuals, but I need to find a way to get them up as a team.


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