A video about gas

posted by Jeff | Thursday, June 16, 2022, 7:17 PM | comments: 0

I made a video about gas. Specifically, it's about gas prices. People have been saying all kinds of silly things on the Internet about gas prices, fundamentally misunderstanding the basic economics of supply and demand, and further making it a political issue. I'm not going to change their minds or anything, and I know that. For reasons I'll never understand, a lot of folks prefer willful ignorance over knowledge.

My bigger intention though is that I had been thinking about how fun it might be to do an entire video out of stock footage, using stuff from Storyblocks. I'll probably never make the subscription cost back, but maybe I'll find some other uses the next time I impulsively want to do this. The idea came to me and then it was a video within 24 hours, which for me is super unusual because I don't usually exercise that kind of follow-through.

One thing for sure is that I forgot how much fun it is to write for video. It's a different muscle, and one that I haven't used much in recent years. The words come with specific images in mind, and in this case, having a library of essentially everything recordable, there really was no limit to what I could write. Not having to actually go out and shoot stuff sure is easier. I also didn't want to spend a lot of time on graphics, which is why I just scribbled stuff on a screen capture and used that instead. It's satisfying to be lo-fi in 4K!

I'd like to do a video about home solar and storage, but I need a drone to get footage of my roof. You know, for science.


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