A whirlwind of spending

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, June 28, 2005, 2:14 PM | comments: 0

Generally speaking, I don't get all that wound up about money these days. Stephanie is the one that gets stressed about cash. I mean, I spent the better part of last year not working and expecting a little debt to pile up. I also expected that if I picked up contract work that it would go down.

Well, it hasn't. I've been on this project now for nearly four months, and it's almost worse than before. The reason I don't completely freak out about it though is that I can trace where it has all been going. There was the tax bill, the quarterly taxes (twice), a last-minute vacation (which was so worth it), a new laptop I had to buy, piercings, DVD's, video games, volleyball travel, etc. So the situation is really by choice.

Anyway, today I realized I had not had an oil change in about 8,000 miles. Whoops! Oh well, it's a Toyota, it can take it. The thing now has 24k miles in 16 months, which is weird because I didn't work most of last year, and I'm working mostly from home now. Finally changed the air filter, and also bought a hydraulic jack so I can rotate the tires. Never did that yet either.

Then I went grocery shopping and racked up another $70, which actually isn't so bad considering I had not bought a lot of food in three weeks. I'll make a separate entry about what I'm eating these days.

There are bright spots though. I mean, our last gas bill was all of $25. With 90 degree days, I'm sure that expense will go to electricity now. I'm starting to put in too many hours, and coaching, so there's more income now (good bye free time). I don't have quarterly tax payment for several months.

I sure hope my book is selling well... Jeff needs that Hawaii vacation!


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