Adventures in clubbing

posted by Jeff | Saturday, February 28, 2004, 8:20 PM | comments: 0
Stephanie and I went to this club last night called Karma in the Powerhouse in the Flats of Cleveland. For years it was a video game bar, long before anyone had ever heard of Dave & Busters.

Apparently the club has three different rooms where they play different kinds of music, though only two rooms were operating. The music was all pop, but it was the better stuff at least. Not my thing really, but it was OK.

Steph had freshly dyed hair and was ubercute. I think she gets cuter with age. I so scored!

We got there around 9:30 and the place was a ghost town. Very weird. We arrived with some of the CSU posse that Steph goes to school with. First cool thing: Melissa the bartender. I often talk about how I love the freaky pierced/tattoo girls that are classy at the same time. It's hard to pull it off, but this girl did it. She was absolutely amazing looking. She had this very detailed tattoo sleve and something I couldn't quite make out on her back. Dark black hair, little bangs, lots of ear piercings. Very cute.

Next was the four single girls. They were all kind of cute, girl-next-door types, and we couldn't help but notice that a couple of them were really into each other on the dance floor. I was a little aroused!

Then came the four girls in prom dresses. They dropped their stuff and went right to the dance floor, and I swear they frequently came very close to making out. Two were wearing red dresses and the other two black. The one girl in black also had a nose ring, so she got bonus points for me. (Where do you suppose I developed a thing for chicks with nose rings? :)) The girls were feeling each other up and touching all over. I didn't expect this kind of show! Two of them retreated to the corner for a minute and were pointing at our friend Holly. They went back on the dance floor and one grabbed Holly's ass! Then the foursome left.

Later, Holly was sitting on a couch with me while Steph was standing next to me. Some drunk dude comes up next to Steph, apparently not seeing that my hand was on her ass, and asks her to dance. She politely says no, and he begs. She says no again. He leaves. We had a good laugh about that.

At this point the crowd was getting very dick-heavy. One of the radio stations was holding a dance contest, so a number of couples, including girl couples, got a minute each to tear it up. The first girl was this little thing in her underwear with more junk than one might expect. Another was a pair of girls who were grinding all over each other, including this little Latina with the stereotypical caboose. Then our favorite, Melissa the Bartender and her studly man went to cut da rug. She ended the performance by flashing her (pierced) boobs. My night was complete.

We were there for something like four hours. I'm not much of a dancer, and was also a designated driver, so I pretty much just chilled out and enjoyed the music and eye candy. The thing that became obvious to me early on is that there's no way in hell I could thrive in this environment as a single person. The first problem is that it's hard to tell who is hooked up and who isn't (or even who might go home for threesome action ;)). I am so happy to be married to a catch who loves me unconditionally. Places like this club generate a ton of sexual energy that never gets used.

On the other hand, I think if you go to a place like that with a group of people who at least loosely know each other (and doesn't have so many married people, like our group), I think you could at the very least get some action. I gotta think that's what was on the mind of most people there. Hell, it was on my mind!

To summarize, I guess I was surprised by all of the girl-on-girl action. I think it's cool (as most men think, even if it's just a stupid fantasy), and I think it has always gone on, just not so public. College-aged girls frequently go through the whole bi-curious thing, but given the stuffy culture we live in, rarely make good on the curiosity. It's good that we've made strides toward correcting that, though we obviously run into little snags like all of this anti-gay marriage thing (as if gay people getting married somehow diminishes the value of my marriage).

I do enjoy people watching.


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