Alias fun

posted by Jeff | Thursday, November 3, 2005, 11:04 PM | comments: 0

The funny thing about watching a season of a TV show on DVD is that I tend to get addicted pretty quick, to the extent that I watch an entire season in like four or five days (though not consecutive, neccesarily). Such was the case of Alias.

But the good thing is that I could then watch the new episodes from this season. The first interesting thing is that they've worked Jennifer Garner's pregnancy into the plot, and it actually makes sense. Well done. They've also added some new characarers, which the show sorely needed. First up is a new agent named Rachel, who is super cute. In the story she's essentially where Sydeny was years before, discovering she worked for a rogue agency and not the actual CIA. They've also added a male agent whose real name is Balthazar, which is a bad ass name, and he looks a little like a young Charlie Sheen. He's funny in the show.

The thing is, I hope that J.J. Abrams is taking a more active role in the show, because in season 4 he seemed to spend so much time on Lost that Alias was neglected. Season 4 didn't get even remotely interesting until the last seven or eight episodes, oddly enough the episodes I never saw via broadcast.

So I think that the show has been saved after seeing a really crappy first half of season 4. I hope that this season keeps up.


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