Anger management

posted by Jeff | Friday, July 6, 2012, 11:39 PM | comments: 0

We had an exceptionally rough day with Simon. He was very 2 today. By 2, I mean he was challenging us at every chance, and knowingly or otherwise, pushing our buttons.

Diana feels bad for yelling at him, to the extent that it scared him. I feel bad because when he was swinging his arms at me, smile on his face, I got so angry that I wanted to return the favor. I don't think there's any point where I've felt more like a shitty parent than right then. All I could do is walk away, instantly pissed at myself that I would allow myself to get that angry at a 2-year-old.

While Diana and I were feeling sorry for ourselves, I pointed out that awareness that we were being emotionally played by a toddler is the first step to changing our own behavior. These moments where he boldly challenges authority are interspersed with a whole lot of cute moments, it just seems like the ratio is terrible at the moment.

A lot of the challenges right now come from nap and bed time. Simon just isn't very interested in going to bed when it's time. I don't encounter it as much at nap time since I'm working, but I sure hear it. It's frustrating in the evenings because I want it to be a happy time for us. Few things are as satisfying as tucking in your little boy when he's all smiley.


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