Another air conditioning fail

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 11:05 PM | comments: 0

On Friday morning, it was pretty clear that our upstairs air conditioner stopped working. We had a guy out to look at it, and it was free of fluid or pressure. He saw fluid pooled in the bottom of the heat pump and was fairly certain that the coil had at least one hole. It was going to cost $1,800 to fix. When he arrived today to fix it, with the new coil, he was there with one of his other techs, who noticed a wire rubbing against one of the pipes between the coil and some other part. He pumped the system full of nitrogen, and immediately found that the wire had rubbed a hole in the pipe over time from normal vibration. The coil didn't need to be replaced, and the labor, small part and fluid replacement instead cost around $800. Still not great, but a grand is a lot of money.

The quality of these Lennox systems equates to dogshit. There was a class action suit some years ago because of the copper coils they were using, which don't age well in Florida. But Pulte, the world's shittiest builder (and also being sued constantly), for some reason kept using Lennox even after the class action settlement. The efficiency of the systems is reasonable when it works, but we've had to replace the inside coil on one already, and said unit outside had a hole blown in it from the first lightning strike a few years ago. In between, of course it has leaked out enough to warrant much recharging.

So it's at the point now where you wonder what the gamble is. If we stay in the place for another 10 years, which is questionable, do we spend the $12k+ to replace both systems? It's unlikely that repairs would cost that much, but when you don't have AC, you don't have AC and it's hot.

The decline of this is timed with the fact that Tesla Energy still hasn't fixed my solar/battery plant, so the system is only generating a third of its normal capacity, and that means my most recent electric bill was $230. I haven't seen one that high in years. They have a service appointment for two weeks out, which is completely unacceptable. They're just so fucking terrible at what they do. I'll revisit that when it's resolved.

The last couple of nights were cool enough to get the windows open and sleep OK, but tonight it will be gloriously cool with low humidity. Overnight lows are plateauing around 70, and there are record highs in the forecast for next week.


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