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posted by Jeff | Tuesday, December 7, 2021, 12:56 PM | comments: 0

I had another blood draw last week, and follow-up today. The good news is that the boost in levothyroxine has corrected the hypothyroidism perfectly. I suspected this would be the case, because I found myself less interested in napping and I pretty quickly lost a few pounds (before gaining some back by eating my feelings). My general "energy level" is much improved. My cholesterol is also down after just six weeks of being on rosuvastatin, which makes this really the first time in my adult life that my cholesterol has ever been in the normal range. Lots of good news there.

Unfortunately, my triglycerides are actually up. I didn't think about it in the office, but she did tell me it was fine to stop taking the omega-3's I was taking to address exactly that (on the advice of my previous doctor), so I theorize that may account for the change. I theorize that because the Vascepa she's putting me on is another omega-3. All three things, the hypothyroidism, cholesterol and triglycerides are likely a genetic thing, my doctor says.

But this is all pretty good news. If I can get my weight down a little, then my overall risk profile for heart disease goes way down. I have to watch my blood pressure, but it always reads high in the office compared to at home ("white coat syndrome").

Honestly, this is the best I've felt about all these numbers since earlier this year when it was pretty clear that they all sucked. My doctor is pretty firm and direct about all of it, which frankly is something that I need.


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