Another volleyball season comes to a close

posted by Jeff | Sunday, May 18, 2003, 12:17 PM | comments: 0

We ended our volleyball season yesterday, finishing about 11th place in regionals. That's right in the middle of the pack, which is pretty good considering the competitive level of 17 open junior olympic volleyball. I would love to have a top-10 team, but after playing teams with an average 5'10" height who win national championships, I'm realistic!

I'm a little burned out this year, probably because of the impending doom at my day job and the start of coaster season and the events the club is sponsoring. (I haven't updated this journal in ages, I know, but this is probably a good place to mention the job thing is stressing me out.) I first got to see my girls in November, so I've spent the better part of a half-year with them. That's a long time!

This year was different in a lot of ways. First, the season ended with all of the girls getting along. That never happens. Teenage girls tend to be real assholes to each other. Somehow, they managed to work hard to keep on each other's good side, and it showed. The second thing is that I had an assistant coach, which made a world of difference. In many ways he's a better coach than I am, especially when it comes to skill coaching.

I'll miss these kids. I really enjoyed having them this year, even when we did have our disagreements at times. I'm still trying to find that balance of having a relationship with the kids and still being a figurehead. The closer you get to them the harder it is to keep them in line. The problem is that the more time you spend with them, the closer you get. Some day I'll find that balance.

So as much as I think right now that I need a year off from coaching, I know I'll be itching to do it again in the fall. I just hope that the other aspects of my life aren't causing stress.


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