Apple: Brilliant minds, stupid lawyers

posted by Jeff | Saturday, March 12, 2005, 8:43 AM | comments: 1

In case you didn't see it, Apple won the first round in court to get the sources of leaked information to some Apple fan sites. That's not right.

Just because it's not The New York Times doesn't make it any less journalism. If The Times posted the same information, nothing would ever come of this. You know I'm right. This nonsense about what is a "bona fide news agency" is ridiculous. If there were any real standards to hold a news outlet to, Fox News would have been sued and disgraced years ago. Indeed, this same standard must be applied to The New York Times, ABCnews and my local Medina County Gazette. The precedent has been set.

The most disgusting thing about it is that Apple suffered no loss, and more than anything benefited from the publicity. The information wasn't leaked early enough for any competitor to act on it, and just as is the case every time there's a leak, it built hype for the company.

This is about chest thumping at Apple, sticking it to the guy with no lawyer. That's really lame, Steve. Taking on your fan base is a really stupid idea.


FreewheelinJoe, March 12, 2005, 3:27 PM #

I agree 100%.

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