Awesome end to US Open for women

posted by Jeff | Monday, September 14, 2009, 12:58 AM | comments: 0

Wow, what a great tournament, start to finish. Aside from the Serena incident, there were so many good stories that shook up the status quo. I was so underwhelmed with Wimbledon by the women (though the men put on a great show).

So Kim Clijsters, the woman who retired to have a family at the top of her game, comes back as a wildcard in the tournament and wins it all, the first mom to win in decades. That's such a great sports story. Professional sports seem so ridiculous and not rooted in reality, so to see this restores my faith that there are good people who really do it for the right reasons. And hooray for working moms!

The men finish up tomorrow afternoon. If R-Fed can settle into a solid groove (as he apparently did against Choke-avic), I think he'll take it pretty easily. That guys isn't human. But at least he continues to be reasonably humble.


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