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posted by Jeff | Sunday, August 21, 2011, 12:34 PM | comments: 0

I find joy in things that work well, as designed. I've reached a point in life where I want to have less stuff (moving twice in two years will do that), so stuff that does hang around has to serve its purpose. It's often the most simple and obvious things, too.

Take Simon's stroller. It's actually the second one we've had for him, the first being the big-ass Graco that worked with the car seat and what not. We actually sold that one after awhile, even though he could still fit in the stroller. The Combi that he uses now collapses to this totally manageable size that works great through airport security, it has a travel bag, it isn't so big that everyone around you trips over it, it has enough storage for essentials (or a place to hang the essentials), and best of all, it's super light. Simon seems to like it, too.

We have a bottle opener, something made in Japan, that is shaped like a cylinder. You put it on the bottle, press it down, the cap comes off. It takes so little effort or skill or whatever. Sure, I'm the guy who opens beer bottles on door hinges at work, but this is so much more elegant. Elegant stuff that works is cool.

I don't know why these examples were compelling enough to blog about.


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