Back to my (lighting) midlife crisis

posted by Jeff | Thursday, April 18, 2024, 6:56 PM | comments: 0

Way back in August I decided that I was going to jump in and buy a lighting console, as inexpensively as possible, and after eight long months, today was the day. I saved money, gathered the virtual change in the couch cushions, and waited and waited.

With just some basic messing around, and showing Simon at a high level how it works, I can already say that it's night and day different from trying to peck around pop up virtual controls on a screen. It just makes sense in a way that it didn't without physical buttons and faders. I connected a couple of lights, just to see them whirl around, but I imagine most of my time learning will be with virtual rigs.

I'm pretty excited to learn new lighting things.


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