Balance via creativity

posted by Jeff | Thursday, May 3, 2012, 11:23 PM | comments: 0

When I look through a lot of really ancient blog posts, where I talked myself into thinking that life was going pretty well (when clearly it wasn't), I notice I had a consistent theme of life balance. Do this as well as that, and you just function at a higher level. While I was just slightly more full of crap in those days, I'm starting to remember how true the need for balance is.

For example, I'm really getting back into video again. My enthusiasm for it is hitting a level it hasn't seen since I bought the HVX about six years ago (which I finally might be selling). I credit the new camera to an extent, but also the ability to use all of this stuff I've bought over the years. Funny how the cameras change every few years, but all of the audio gear, lenses, lighting and other stuff doesn't. I feel like I have some great tools at my disposal, and it energizes me.

It's true that I get too one-dimensional in what I devote time to. Obviously, being a dad is a high priority, but beyond that, I spent much of the year so far trying to bang out code and do nothing else beyond work. Then I added tennis, and that helped. Then I started planning all of these film projects, and that helped even more.

To be more specific, I think it's the nature of highly creative endeavors that really balance me out and make me happier. If I really look back, I've let this part of me sit on the sidelines for about two and a half years, about the time that the moving and childbirth madness began. Being all left-brained most of the time makes me suck. And yet, when you allow yourself to be creative, it seems like that left-brained stuff you do is consistently better.

So the mental note that I leave myself with is to be creative more. It makes me better. I can't let life be all analytical and logical, because there's no release in that.


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