Ball taps

posted by Jeff | Thursday, September 20, 2012, 7:16 PM | comments: 0

Simon is getting very tall. He's about 38" now, around the 90th percentile for kids his age. He's freakin' huge. He's getting hard to carry, or restrain when you're trying to get him dressed and he's being uncooperative.

But the worst thing is that, coupled with his current hitting phase, he's constantly hitting me in the balls. The arm swinging I can generally avoid, but he also likes to put his arms in the air and drop a coordinated attack on you. If I'm sitting, this means he's going to nail me in the nuts every time. If he runs up to me standing, he's at the precise height to hit me in the balls. To add to the pain, he also has a new habit of head butting, and of course, that puts my junk at just the right height.

As men know, getting hit in the giggleberries hurts to the point you want to throw up, but it also floods your body with hormones that can send you into a rage. No one wins. I find myself yelling at Simon, and immediately feel bad about it. He doesn't mean it, but he's not getting the message that it hurts like hell.


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