Beach vs. indoor volleyball

posted by Jeff | Sunday, July 6, 2008, 7:22 PM | comments: 0

There's a good article on about the desire of players to go beach or indoor. Particularly interesting are the quotes from Logan Tom, who makes the point that unless you win consistently, you aren't making any money on the beach. Not only that, but if you're a woman, you've always got the Misty/Kerri machine in your way. In the AVP match on TV today, they mentioned that Misty May-Treanor's career winnings are only around $1.7 million. Consider that she's been playing pro for around 18 years, and that's not good at all.

As a coach and spectator, I much prefer the indoor game. There's a lot more going on and there are opportunities to out-think your opponent when you can't beat them on sheer athleticism. There has to be this coherent machinery between the six people out there at any time, and I love that. I love teaching it.

In theory, it should be possible to see all of the indoor game in the Olympics since it'll be online if not broadcast. They're already giving preferential billing to the beach game, which is not surprising since I think we can guess who will take home the gold. It's funny though... it was only added as an official Olympic sport in 1996, making this only the fourth time it has been played.


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