Being sick sucks

posted by Jeff | Sunday, November 19, 2006, 11:23 AM | comments: 0

Friday night, after watching some TV and spending the day eating shopping and eating at Cheesecake Factory, I began sneezing, presumably because I was allergic to something.

It continued when I woke up Saturday morning, and I felt like something wasn't right. Went to the Columbus science museum, and by the time I left, was absolutely miserable.

Fortunately we wanted to get in before the whole football thing started (Cath lives less than three miles from the Horseshoe), so I holed up in bed and medicated. I can't remember ever getting so congested that I couldn't swallow. I guess I never realized that without your nose being clear to some degree, swallowing creates a vacuum. It feels like your ear drums will be sucked into your head, and I'm not sure what you have to swallow would actually go down. It was very weird.

So after sleeping nearly 11 hours, I still feel shitty. I can breathe, but I think the excess sleep was probably bad. Boo. I haven't had a head cold in ages.


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