Birthday recap

posted by Jeff | Sunday, July 3, 2005, 11:48 AM | comments: 1

I had a nice low-key birthday yesterday. It really started when Stephanie got home from work. She gave me a few small, special gifts, and we were off to dinner.

I wanted to eat at Outback, not for steak, but for cheese fries. No one gets them quite right the way that Outback does. We did call-ahead seating and it surprisingly wasn't that busy. We parked across the street at the movie theater because we intended to have a few drinks.

Steph was in a wine mood and I had several diet beers. This led to a lot of open and free conversation. ;) I had Chicken-on-the-Barbie, she had salad, a sweet potato and grilled mushrooms. Fortunately we were seated right next to the "used beer department" (as the sign said) given our beverages. That's the most damage we've done at Outback in years. As usual, we only ate half of our food and took the rest home.

We stumbled across the street to a Walgreens for some cheap cigars. Cigars are normally a vacation thing for us since neither one of us smokes, but generally drinking is a vacation thing too, so it seemed to make sense. We walked back to the movie theater and smoked for about 15 minutes behind the theater.

We saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which was absolutely brilliant. It was not simply an action movie, but a comedy. The whole spy versus spy thing was actually a big metaphor to getting along as married people. Well written, from the opening shot to the last.

And hear this: Anyone, male or female, that doesn't think that Angelina Jolie is simply the most beautiful human being on the planet has absolutely no sex drive. My God is she gorgeous, and I don't know any other person that more women say "I'd be gay for her."

All in all, it was a nice, quiet and relaxing birthday with my baby. Sometimes it's the simplest times that can be the best.


redman_822, July 5, 2005, 3:56 PM #

LOL on the "I'd be gay for her" statement.

When Redwife and I saw Star Wars, there was a trailer for M&M Smith and she said, "If I were...I would" in regards to Angelina.

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