Blue Man Group pass

posted by Jeff | Sunday, February 3, 2013, 9:20 PM | comments: 0

It may sound incredible, but even though Blue Man Group is going to make a stop on its theatrical tour in Cleveland this month, I'm going to pass on seeing it. I guess I'm skipping it because it's enough like the other theatrical shows of the past that I don't know I'd enjoy it as much as previous shows. If it were the arena show, I'd go in a heartbeat.

Still, the Orlando show has been heavily revised, so that's one I would definitely see. We might make next winter's Orlando trip a Universal trip, so it may make sense to see them then. Maybe this will be the year I make it back to IAAPA. Even higher on the BMG list is the new show at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas. Since moving from The Venetian, they've made dramatic changes and added robots and stuff. There's even a parade through the casino! I very much want to get out there, if only to see that show.

It was quite a few weeks ago that I put in the How To Be A Megastar DVD on a day when I was losing my patience with Simon, who was having one tantrum after another. He likes drums, he likes music, and sure enough, it was a slam dunk. He absolutely loved it. Then today, a picture came up on the iPad random viewer on the lock screen from the arena show we saw a few years ago, and Simon said, "Blue Man on the TV on." I was surprised he remembered! He doesn't usually engage for long periods of time to TV, but he watched almost all of this without doing other stuff.

So I'm excited to take him to his first show, probably in Orlando, where the tickets are only $29 for children. I think he'll really enjoy it if he's not too freaked out by the volume. We're taking him to see Sesame Street Live about a month from now, so we'll see how that goes. He has a good 9 months at least before we're in Florida again.


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