Blue Man Group X

posted by Jeff | Friday, March 20, 2009, 6:43 PM | comments: 0

So, not much to add about seeing my tenth Blue Man Group show, except to say that the third row is too close. Glad I got to see it from that angle though, to say that I did. We were not sprayed with Twinkie poop.

Allison had seen the show once when it was still at Luxor, and she said they had crappy seats. She didn't get the best show though. There were a few mistakes, including, gasp, a Blue Man breaking character! During the Twinkie dinner gag, which had a good audience member this time, one of the guys started to smile a little until he couldn't deal anymore. He picked up the faux plate off the table and put it in front of his face while he composed himself. I was a little disappointed, and I couldn't believe it! One of them also dropped three paint balls.

There are a few minor changes since I last saw it in 2006. They've dispensed with the chant gag before the last song they play on the PVC, and the transition from letting the paint suit guy go to that is a little rough. They also seem to change the tribute music every time I see it.

Good times though. Seeing "PVC IV" and "Chant Jam" played live is still a pretty intense experience, even more so when you can actually hear the pipes before amplification.


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