Bored bored bored (making travel plans)

posted by Jeff | Thursday, October 15, 2009, 5:25 PM | comments: 0

Today has been ridiculous. As the house becomes more turned upside down and abnormal, I'm more inclined to want to just be on my way. It's almost like I wish I could do some of the driving to get it out of the way, though it obviously doesn't work that way.

Today I talked to the movers and the car shippers. Our stuff will take about a week or so, while our cars will take two weeks. The question becomes, can we secure a place the day after we arrive, or will they have to put our stuff in storage? If they have to put us in storage, that's gonna mean up to two weeks before they can schedule the final move, which would be suboptimal. Yeah, they'll have us in temporary housing, but who wants to live out of a few boxes?

We're banking on four days of driving, which is about 10 hours a piece if it were possible to divide it up equally. Given the distribution of civilization, I'm not sure if that'll happen. I'd like to get to Omaha on the first day, which is 12 hours, but it assumes that we leave in the morning of the first day of travel. The biggest variable is still the specifics of when they come to pick up our junk. They'll reimburse as long as we do at least 350 miles per day, but we don't want to take a week either. The fewer days the better.

In an ideal world I think we'd try to do Omaha the first day (12 hours), Rapid City, SD, near Mt. Rushmore the second day (8.5 hours), Missoula, MT on day three (11.5 hours) and finally Seattle the last day (7 hours). It's not even distribution at all, but again, it just depends on where there's enough civilization to find a place to sleep.


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