Breathing Underwater

posted by Jeff | Monday, December 9, 2013, 10:28 PM | comments: 0

I absolutely love the song "Breathing Underwater" by Metric. It's not a very involved set of lyrics, but the simplicity of it is lovely. It asks so many questions about whether or not you're living the life you should be, if you're in over your head or otherwise not where you should be. I think they're fundamental questions that successful and smart people ask themselves daily.

Last week was rough. It reminded me that even in our world of sunshine and theme parks, this has not been an easy year. Yes, we're "living the dream" to an extent, but the parts I'm less likely to write about publicly aren't any less real or difficult. It's just that on a day like today, it's easier to put all of the hard stuff away on a shelf and not think about it.

I think breathing underwater now and then makes it that much easier to get beyond the next hard thing.


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