Broken fire alarm

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, January 12, 2011, 11:11 AM | comments: 0

The storm that tore through last night ended up dumping some snow on us later in the evening, but it wasn't the snowpacalypse that was predicted. In fact, since the weather service was urging people to leave work early, which I did a little after 3, traffic sucked because everyone actually took the advice. Precipitation didn't even start for three hours after that.

But the wind was certifiably awful. Last night, it blew the door open on the fire alarm panel on the side of our house, which I believe services both units. The noise sounded like something much worse. Inside the panel is the fire alarm system, some phone jacks, a relatively exposed power supply, and lots of wet owners manuals. The panel doesn't appear to actually have any locking mechanism... this stuff was literally flapping in the breeze. I managed to tie down the door (with gaffer tape), but it wasn't sealed.

This morning, the system had a trouble light and was beeping. I called the landlord, who called the HOA, who apparently "owns" the system. Some fire alarm contractor types have been here since, walking around and talking on the phone, but not apparently doing anything. The neighbor's panel is open as well, and while it doesn't appear to be soaking wet like mine, it is beeping.

So I'm sitting here in my home office, trying to work, with two alarm systems beeping. It's driving me completely mad. What the hell are these guys doing out there?


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