Budgeting for capital expenditures

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, March 27, 2007, 2:38 PM | comments: 0

I was thinking last week if there were any capital expenditures that the business would need. I don't need to buy computers this year, and I'm mostly good with video equipment as well.

I can see needing some software this year, which coincides with the launch of Adobe's new CS3 products. They released the pricing today for those products, and all things considered, they aren't that expensive. The full package with absolutely everything is $2,500. The production bundle is about $800 less, and has Flash and Photoshop, the two most important to me, plus After Effects, which I've always loved. It's a pretty exciting release overall for Adobe, and it'll work on Intel Macs. Whoohoo!

There's some rumor that Apple will release a new Final Cut Pro, but I don't see a lot of need for that this year at least. So all things considered, if I spend less than $3k on cap ex this year, I'll be a very happy guy. If a couple of ad deals come through, I might actually make some money this year.


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