posted by Jeff | Thursday, September 17, 2009, 2:40 PM | comments: 0

Things seemed normal this morning with a visit to Dr. Nattisox/Chloe. Got to hear the little doppler thing make some noise, and Diana got a non-H1N1 flu shot. Her arm hurts.

We brought to the forefront the C-section issue. With Diana's previous hernia surgeries, that doctor suggested that there was some serious risk of rupturing them again in child birth, since they're not the typical "patch jobs" due to her various allergies and what not. The doc said that ultimately it's Diana's choice, and I think we all agree that a C-section is a lot less risky in terms of maintaining the structural integrity of her abdomen. As it is, she's already having a dull pain of sorts in the area around one of the surgeries. I'm sure that'll make the next 24 weeks a ton of fun.

If we do end up moving, we agree that it would be a serious bummer to lose this doctor in the process. She's a very kind and caring doctor in terms of her reassurance and bedside manner. I suspect a lot of OB's are like that, but even with the relatively short amounts of time she spends with you, it makes everything less scary.


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