Cabin fever? In Florida?

posted by Jeff | Thursday, January 2, 2014, 10:40 PM | comments: 0

I was looking at my FitBit stats for last year. I started at the end of September, so I had three months of data. To my horror, my activity dropped like a rock in December (and my weight went nowhere). There is no mystery about why... I just couldn't get out as much as I wanted to.

We really had a perfect storm of circumstances. Diana had her foot surgery one month ago. Her mobility has obviously improved little by little since that time, but the first week in particular, I had to help her out and mind the boy. Then they both were sick at various times, and I finally got it right after Christmas. If that weren't enough, we weren't even making our weekly theme park runs (which always result in well over 10k steps that day), because the tourist traffic peaks during the holidays. I squeezed in a few neighborhood walks here and there, but they were rare.

So despite the regular warm Orlando weather, we just didn't get out much in December, and it has really taken its toll. Simon, in all of his newly found expressive language skills, is so anxious to do stuff that he today declared, in one breath, "Let's go in Dad's car and go to a hotel and find a room and eat food in the room."

The cough is still nagging me a bit, but I'm getting there. All three of us ventured out to Epcot last night to enjoy popcorn and Illuminations, as I crossed my fingers that the relatively early closing time meant a lighter crowd. Indeed, it wasn't bad at all, and a "Seattle mist" cleared for a lovely and cool evening. If we can just get a little more daylight in the evening, we'll be set to get back on track for that outdoor lifestyle.


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