CampusFish down time

posted by Jeff | Friday, January 5, 2007, 2:43 PM | comments: 0

At around 3am last night, CampusFish went down, and the mystery began.

The first and most alarming thing is that it was taking down the entire application pool, which included a couple of other sites. Not cool. Once I was able to isolate it, I got it to fail just on its own.

Unfortunately I had urgent day job work to do today, so when it came down to the site that earns $50 a year or the job that earns $50+ an hour, I had to go with the job. My apologies... I would've rather worked on CF.

While at lunch I thought about the processes the site is always doing, and realized that the least reliable one was the moblog e-mail checker. When you send a picture to CF, it sits in a normal mailbox. The site comes along and checks this box every minute or two, and makes posts when appropriate. As Tyler and I know all too well, sometimes it just chokes entirely, usually on a spam message that lands in the box.

When I got looked at the mailbox, what do you suppose the first message was? Yeah, one around 3am, with some spam attachment. I deleted it, started up the site, and not surprisingly, it fired right up.

So if you're in the market for a .NET POP3 component, don't buy this one. What a steaming pile of shit.

If I had time, I'd write my own, but complying to the standard is hard because it's fairly extensive when it comes to attachments. I've written a basic SMTP client, and in fact it sends e-mail in the next forum version. POP3 is much harder to do.

So again, sorry for the delay in getting it back up. Longest ten hours of my life! (Even though I was asleep for half of them.)


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