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posted by Jeff | Wednesday, November 3, 2004, 1:13 AM | comments: 10
Well, looks like the election will come down to Ohio. Looking at the county votes and percentage of each reported, I think Bush is going to win it. Depends on whether or not the Cuyahoga results include the absentee votes, which were like 80% Kerry. Yes folks, my home town could decide the election, but not for a day or two.

I'm already disappointed. I can't believe that Americans bought into the fear nonsense and flag waving from Bush. This has been a shitty four years for me, and I can credit Bush's decisions with at least a third of that shittyness. More to the point, I can't believe people think Iraq and terrorism are the same fight, or that they overlook Bush's total disregard for fiscal responsibility.

Ohio voters passed Issue 1, which basically says only man-woman couples can be married and be entitled to said benefits. Idiots. Even our Republican governor and senator (which I voted for, because I'm not a party-line guy) said it was a bad idea. That "domestic partner" health insurance Stephanie and I had before we got married would be gone now. I'll never understand why people give a shit what others do in terms of relationships, and how someone else's actions somehow lessen the significance of their own.

Sigh. It's gonna be a rough couple of years.


CPLady, November 3, 2004, 12:55 PM #

Ian's away message on IM: disillusioned by the stupidity of others. it's not bush winning so much as the proposals passing...

Same proposal in Michigan and it passed as well.

I agree with you on the "shitty years". We've watched as Michigan has lost thousands of jobs due to some of Bush's decisions, and another 4600 IT jobs being lost with EDS in the works making it nearly impossible for Gordon get a job in his field of choice. I've watched my mother, 72 years old and on social security trying to make ends meet on $450 a month and have more and more services taken away or cost more.

And I've watched all the blind moral and republican voters insisting that Bush is doing a great job, even though they've been lied to over and over again.

I don't get it.

Neuski, November 3, 2004, 2:24 PM #

I couldn't believe all the states that "banned" gay marriage. One of the networks was going through them all and I don't believe a single state was for it.

Jeff, November 3, 2004, 2:43 PM #

Those will all be overturned by the courts. Without a US Constitution amendment, they won't stick.

But if that happens, I'm moving to Canada. Might as well keep women away from the polls and black people back into slavery at that point.

Stephanie, November 3, 2004, 2:47 PM #

I shudder to think what state the environment will be in at the next Presidential election. Bush is a complete nutjob. And have you heard about the two ultra-conservative dudes who were elected to either the senate/house or as govenors? One said that "unmarried mothers and gays should not be allowed to be educators."

Seriously? What's wrong with this country? *cry*

Do I hear Hillary Clinton for 2008?

gregleg, November 3, 2004, 3:54 PM #

I really don't get it. Biggest deficit in history, leading of course to the ever-growing debt. Wrong about the "need" for a war that's now turning into a quagmire he won't admit to. Ignored terror warnings until it was too late. Can't even pronounce nuclear. And yet this guy wins?

Four more years of this? Holy crap are we in trouble...

Neuski, November 3, 2004, 4:10 PM #

Stephanie, I think 2008 is going to be one hell of an election. I expect some big names to pop up or maybe I just hope for some.

Alex, November 3, 2004, 8:08 PM #

My god. I just want to slap everybody who voted for Bush.

Unfortunately I can't blame anybody around me because every single state in the northeast voted for Kerry.

Neuski, November 3, 2004, 9:19 PM #

That is a lot of faces to slap.

Stephanie, November 3, 2004, 9:28 PM #

On with the political parodies....

Junior, November 4, 2004, 5:35 AM #

I can't believe the number of single issue voters that are out there. A large number of people don't look at the big picture. They merely side with a candidate because of the stance on abortion, gay marriage, the environment, etc. This is especially popular when it comes to religious groups, but not always. That is poor decision making to me. I personally think you have to go with the candidate that gives you the best overall package. I might not have agreed with John Kerry's stance on all the issues, but I agreed with him more than I did with Bush.

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