Can't wait for sunny Orlando

posted by Jeff | Friday, October 3, 2003, 1:00 PM | comments: 1
I booked our trip to Orlando for next month. Half of the reason for going is to keep in touch with the amusement industry people I know at the big trade show there, and maybe cover it for CoasterBuzz (if there's actually anything newsworthy this year), but naturally in Orlando it's also a big chance to play.

We're going to stay at Universal's Royal Pacific hotel again, which isn't really that cheap, but the perks of staying there are kick ass in the parks. It's also a business expense since I'm there for the show, so that makes it a little easier to deal with.

We're planning to go to Medieval Times the night we get there. Steph has been looking forward to it I think since the last time we were there last year! It's a neat show, and the food ain't half-bad. It helps to have a cute serving wench who keeps filling you up on beer.

Above all, it's a chance to get into warmer temperatures and enjoy one of the greatest theme parks, Islands of Adventure, while checking out a place I haven't been since the month it opened, Universal Studios. It'll be interesting to see how much it has changed in the last 13 years.



October 5, 2003, 4:21 AM # I second that.

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