Celebrity Poker and American Casino

posted by Jeff | Thursday, February 10, 2005, 10:19 PM | comments: 5

It's poker night on TV tonight. First I started watching Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo. It's a fun show to watch. I've been watching it or more than a year now. Lacey Chabert was on tonight. She sure did, uh, grow up. She's 23, and kinda hot now. Scott Wolf was also on, and he just looks old. Bonnie Hunt looked good for an "old broad," while Robert Wagner seemed kind of frail looking.

I've also been watching American Casino on Discovery for about just as long. It's not the most exciting reality show, but I guess that's why I like it. It's actually more of a documentary without being a big setup like every other show. One of the more interesting "plot lines" is that they lost their VP of hotel operations (they never indicated how or why he died), and in the wake of that you keep wondering why they didn't promote the manager under him to the job. On tonight's show, they hired a guy from out of town, and she gave the company line saying she was supportive of it and still had her eye on being a VP somewhere down the line. It kind of bothers me that they didn't consider her at all.

Green Valley Ranch, the resort in the show, looks kind of nice. It's off the strip about four miles, and appears to have a nice casino vibe combined with a more relaxed resort feel.

I really want to go back to Vegas. I'd like to spend three or four days there and relax a bit. I loved our 36 hours there, doing as much as we could with as little sleep as possible, but I felt we needed more time.


smartin, February 11, 2005, 3:44 AM #

The VP died from a combo of booze and some new pain drug that is similar to oxycoton, only stronger called fentanyl. Google "Michael Tata" for more info. Sad, really. To be a vp at 33, then party a bit too hard one night....


Neuski, February 11, 2005, 4:26 AM #

I caught my frist two episodes of American Casino just last week and was equally impressed with it.

raptorboy82, February 11, 2005, 4:59 AM #

Green Valley Ranch is very nice. Childhood friends of my parents live in Vegas and took us there one evening. The restaurants are really good, the atmosphere is a bit more laid back, and everything is really well maintained.

It was a nice break from the strip for sure. It is largely a local place (many go just for the food there), and it's the casino that Bill Clinton gambles at when in Vegas.

On another note, I remember when Claudia turned into a total slut near the end of Party of Five, so that's the image always etched in my mind of Lacey.

Tobe, February 12, 2005, 4:52 PM #

Damn, Lacey Chabert is really hot!

redman_822, February 14, 2005, 9:50 PM #

Does it make me old if I say that I thought Bonnie Hunt looked hotter than Lacey? Loved that tight leather jacket....

She was such a flirt with Scott Wolf and almost died of embarassment when he started to make it look like he'd follow through. LOL

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