Change happens, so can it be a little more positive?

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, April 29, 2003, 1:33 PM | comments: 0

Last night I'm sitting around watching TV while Stephanie grades some (plagiarized) papers. Sitting there on my ass, thinking about how much I have been sitting on my ass the last week, and how life might have settled into a boring routing, things changed.

First, Luna, who had been playing grab-ass all over the house with Cosmo, starts yacking again. Poor thing lets out this horrible cry before she does it, and then it turns out being mostly liquid. It's the worst thing to hear. Steph's maternal instinct kicked in and she stayed with her while she did it.

Then, Steph sees the news story about the Mentor Marsh fire (you probably saw it on national news as well). I hadn't made the connection, but the disbelief on her face made me realize that this just wasn't an environmental disaster, it was where she was supposed to do her PhD research this summer.

So in a matter of a couple of minutes we're sitting there laughing it up about movies on TV, the next minute some things suck. What's up with that?

Things can change in life pretty quickly, but it seems like as you get older, the good changes are harder to come by. Last night's little crises weren't certain doom, but they were a real downer. What happened to those great moments where you realize you sold a domain for $100,000, or you were married and getting on a plane for Hawaii, or you got the keys to your new house, or you graduated with a new degree?

Keeping things in perspective, no, life isn't bad, but with the world being kind of a low-key downer right now, we need to make something happen that kicks ass. Hawaii isn't until November, so whatever it is, we need it soon, and we need it for both of us!


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