Cinderella needs no dwarves for this volleyball story

posted by Jeff | Thursday, January 31, 2002, 1:10 AM | comments: 0

My volleyball kids had a scrimmage today against a team that was a year older and had been playing together for a long time. Granted, they were a club team and not open, but still, I expected a challenge.

No challenge to be found... we kicked their asses big time. I was totally floored. My kids have had three practices and barely know each other's names. Each one is relatively unknown in the area, playing for teams that have mostly been mediocre. While most of the other teams in the Ohio Valley Region (there are 24 total in the 17 Open division) have been playing together for ages, my kids don't really know each other.

I saw magic today. They're running a quick offense that they just learned (well, part of it anyway), they're talking, they're confident and they've got chemistry. Wow.

In a relatively small community of teams, we're totally unknown. No one expects anything of us. I think it's time to let people know who we are.

This is really a dream as a coach, because sometimes it doesn't matter what you do to get your kids to perform. In the end they've got minds of their own. So far, that's a non-issue. They're talented, they know it, and wow do they want to use it. I get to sit back and enjoy the game and concentrate on "next level" stuff.

It's gonna be really fun to be me.


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