"Class warfare:" You're getting played

posted by Jeff | Friday, July 6, 2012, 1:10 PM | comments: 0

I noticed today a couple of political ads, one from each extreme of the political spectrum, accusing each other of trying to "destroy" the middle class. In fact, a lot of the political rhetoric lately is about the middle class.

There's no question in that the middle class incurs a lot of pain in and following a recession (and by the way, by generally accepted economist definitions, the recession ended in 2009). It's also worth noting that house values aren't coming back. A great many government jobs aren't coming back. That's the reality.

What is not the reality is that all of the people in professions that are fashionable to call evil (bankers and lawyers), along with politicians, are conspiring to crush the vast majority of Americans into poverty. Think about that for a moment. If the middle class doesn't have any money to spend, the "rich" don't have anything to sell. It doesn't even make sense.

The fact is, people trying to get elected, along with the PAC's and corporations who want them to be elected, are creating this us versus them discussion. And you, dear voters, are letting it happen. You're letting them set the talking points. They're driving the agenda.

Think about that the next time you post some divisive bullshit on Facebook.


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