Closing Cedar Point again

posted by Jeff | Saturday, October 27, 2012, 11:10 PM | comments: 0

It's closing weekend for Cedar Point, and with a poor weather outlook tomorrow, we decided to take one last lap around the park tonight. It was really a last minute decision. Simon had a birthday party and trick-or-treat at the grocery store this morning, then a long nap, so we figured we'd go for it.

It was around 50 and very windy, so a number of rides were closed. That didn't appear to thin the crowds, however, and the midways were packed. Once again, a Saturday in October looks a lot like a Saturday in July. Only the Saturdays in July don't really look like that anymore. I think some portion of the population has moved their once-a-year visit to Halloweekends. Perhaps we should go more often in July!

This was our first full season back in Cleveland with Simon. The park feels like a totally different place, and the truth is that riding stuff is not really a priority. We just enjoy walking around the park, and trying to do a kiddie ride now and then. Actually, one of the bigger hits this year was the train, and it's the ride that we finished the year with, as a family. Simon did try other various rides, but was not a huge fan.

It's always a little sad to close the park, especially when it's not quite the last day. We had fun staying there a couple of weeks ago, even if staying in the cottages meant that Simon would say "choo choo" every time he heard the train when he should have been going to sleep. He really does love to go there, and I'm happy that he loves to walk around it so much. I wish I had more video of the park so he could watch it during winter. He already seems to prefer it, even over Sesame Street, Word World and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

For me, I'm sure there will be winter visits. We're hoping to do another tour at some point, perhaps to raise a little cash for my favorite charity. And of course, spring will bring the smell of new paint, mulch, a new entrance, and of course, a new roller coaster.


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