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You know, I was just thinking about how different my coaster sites would be if I really let it all hang out. There would be four letter words everywhere, and they'd be spelled correctly, too.

Lately there have been so many moronic illiterate kids (or perhaps adults) posting on the sites I could scream. They can't spell, they post the same stupid tired shit... it's like I'm reading rec.roller-coaster or something.

(Disclaimer: Not all kids are this way... just the stupid ones!)

For all of the blessings the Internet has granted us (like my career), it sure has its drawbacks as well. The first is that some of these little bastards don't realize or care that there are real humans interacting out there. They lack people skills and it carries over into real life. The second is that we're breeding a nation of fat slob kids who sit around in front of the box all day because their parents won't boot their ass outside for some exercise. I was a teenage geek too with my Apple II+, but at least I got out and shot some hoops and played a little volleyball now and then. Hell, I even did 100-mile organized bike rides.

Anyway, the moderators and I seem to be keeping up with the crap and getting rid of it post-haste, because there really are a lot of great conversations going on. That's good because I need the distraction from work and such.


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