Coding strikes and gutters (to use the parlance of our time)

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 10:31 PM | comments: 0

I've seen 24 hours of coding stuff. Some good, some bad. And when I'm done writing about it, I'm gonna find something else to do for what's left of the evening.

Last night I zipped up a build of the forum app and posted it on CodePlex. It's getting there. Not as fast as I'd like, but it is starting to feel like a real application. 10k lines of code (55% of which is test code), 400+ tests, and almost no style to speak of. As much as I bitch about writing this thing over and over for the last 12 years, I don't mind it too much this time. Going to MVC is a huge improvement, and I feel like I can actually innovate on the UI now. But once it's done, I really want to shift focus to any of a bazillion projects in my head.

Coding efforts at work were not nearly as fruitful. I spent some time pairing with our "new" guy (he's just switching from a parallel team), poking around and trying to fix some weird stuff on our backlog. That didn't go particularly well. As much as I feel like we've reduced complexity in some areas, there are places where it feels like we've added to it as well. We did quasi-resolve one problem, but I didn't agree with the prescribed resolution. It was also a battle I'm not interested in getting into.

When I got home, I fixed a problem with CoasterBuzz that broke the Twitter. I ranted about this on my tech blog. Idiots. It's no wonder that they can't keep the service up, seeing as how they can't even get the sequence right between sending out a notification and then acting on it.

I printed out some CoasterBuzz Club cards this evening, when I realized that I use a funny Microsoft Access app to do it. I hope it never breaks, because I have no idea how I did that nine years ago. Nine years!


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