Comments back, running the ASP.NET Core RC2 bits

posted by Jeff | Monday, May 30, 2016, 12:48 AM | comments: 0

I finally got around to updating my blog app to ASP.NET Core RC2, which is to say I spent a lot of time on it because it's so different than RC1. The tooling isn't great yet, and I encountered new weirdness with Entity Framework Core, plus deployment issues. I'm sure there will be blog posts about it all eventually, and a lot of opinions about how the brave new world of .NET as OSS hasn't exactly been a great experience. I see the vision, but it has been rough.

That said, RC2 means the bug I had before is gone, where the CAPTCHA on comments broke because the framework couldn't read your IP address. People don't comment on the blog itself much anyway (usually it's just friends on Facebook), but it works again.


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