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posted by Jeff | Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 10:40 PM | comments: 0

I realized today that two-thirds into the month, I've written exactly 8 blog posts. That's some kind of historic low for me, going back nine years. Diana has written more on her new blog this month. Since people seem to interpret online action, or in this case the lack thereof, in strange ways, I figured I should do some splainin'.

First off, I'm fine. My little family is fine. Things are generally good. Highlights include sharing great moments at Cedar Point with Simon, working with Diana on a new project, reading more and actually participating in the communities I help run.

So why you no write? Two reasons, actually. First, I honestly don't have the mental bandwidth. I've been feeling completely spent lately. It's mostly in a good way, but when I would typically write, late in the evening, I just don't feel like I have anything left. The second reason is that there are a lot of awesome/cool/hard/ridiculous things that, for now, I want to hold a little closer to the vest.

I suspect I'll ramp up again soon. After lots of travel and special events, things are starting to be a little more routine. Plus, I have many topics to share, like Diana's hair, home improvement, career stuff, preschooler tales, and of course, a whole lot of personal projects.


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